Author guidelines


Irregular F is an open access online
journal that publishes work from all areas and
traditions of philosophy. High-quality
theoretical research in social sciences and
humanities may also be accepted. The journal
focuses on research addressing novel or
scarcely treated subject matter, remaining
nevertheless faithful to the norms and
standards of academic research. Irregular
F promotes dialogues between various
disciplines and the work of young researchers,
but any valuable contribution from the
aforementioned fields of study is welcome.

Irregular F is listed in:

 – The Global
Source for Periodicals (since 2007
Ulrich’s becomes a part of Serials
Solutions in the ProQuest family).
 Fabula (nr.7/ Vol II/2011)
 Genamics Journal Seek
 Scipio
 New Jour


Manuscripts submitted to Irregular F go through a blind peer-review process for
selection. Two reviewers evaluate each manuscript and make a recommendation for or against
publication. Their recommendations are forwarded to the Chief Editor.
A second team – consisting of the Chief Editor and two members of the Honorary Board –
makes a decision concerning each manuscript:

 accepts it as it is,
 requests a revision of the material;
 declines the opportunity to publish it.

The editorial decision is communicated to the author within a period of 8 to 12 weeks.


Texts should be accompanied by:

1) an abstract (about 200 characters) in English;
2) 5 key words / phrases in English;
3) the title of the article translated into English;
4) the author’s biographical information – professional title, didactic position, institutional


The magazine Irregular F accepts unpublished original scientific articles in the areas of
humanities and social sciences.
Articles are published in Serbian, Romanian, English, French, Russian. All articles
submitted to the Irregular F are reviewed by the editors and the readers consultant. The author is
notified whether his/her article has been accepted for publication no later than one month after
the submission date. The proofs must be returned to the editors within seven days.
The Irregular F does not accept simultaneous submissions. Articles found to violate this
policy will have their acceptance revoked.
Articles must have minimum 6 and maximum 10 pages. All manuscripts must be
submitted as. doc files, using Times New Roman. The article should be typed in 12-point font,
while summary, quotations and footnotes longer should be in 10-point font with 1.5 line spacing.
In the text, literature cited is in short form in parentheses, eg, (Radovanovic 1986: 9).
Literature is cited in the long form in the list of references at the end of the article.
In APA style, the alphabetical list of works cited, which appears at the end of the paper,
is titled “References.” Below are standard formats and examples for basic bibliographic
information recommended by the American Psychological Association (APA). For more
information on the APA format, see
Footnotes should be free of bibliographic information. Footnotes contain only authors’
There is no submission fee for Contribution of manuscript for approval.
Email and all files in MS Word Format send as attachment to The Editors.

Chief Editor: Ivana Janjić,
Editors: Virdžinija Popović
Rareș Iordache

Date of Submission : 31st
November & 31st

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